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Project Description
The SPEnhance project adds the essential functionality on top of the functionality that SharePoint provides out of the box.

The SharePoint provides lot of features out of the box but still lacks some of the essential functionality that it requires. As an instance, the SharePoint Lookup field does not have a capability to lookup cross site, filter data using target list view or filter data by CAML query. The SPEnhance project provides all these missing capabilities.

The SPEnhance project is an umbrella of projects. Each project enhances the SharePoint capability. Here is a list of projects.

SharePoint 2013 Projects

  • Resume Builder
  • SPEnhance Custom Actions (Print custom action add-in)

SPEnhance Field Types

  • Lookup (cross site) - SPEnhance.SharePoint.LookupCrossSite.wsp (coming soon ...)
  • Text field - SPEnhance.SharePoint.TextField.wsp (coming soon ...)

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